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As of 1 March 2022, Grassroots Trust has moved to a new online grants system (COMS).

Any applications made through this system (baAnalyser), will be withdrawn and you will need to be reapply through our new system.


To access the new system, please use the link below:


You will need to create an account for your Organisation to be able to complete the online application process. If your Organisation has created an account with another Trust using COMS, you can sign in and link the account to Grassroots Trust.


Accountability Reporting for Grants Approved prior to 1 April 2022:
Accountbaility reports for grants approved prior to 1 April 2022 will continue to be submitted through this system.

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XTRA EMAIL USERS: Due to the recent changes with Xtra's spam filters, you may not receive any correspondence from our system. Do not use an Xtra email address, if you do not have another email address; Gmail is free and easy to use.



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