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Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to apply?

If you are a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation, a school or a group that is affiliated to a regional or national body you are eligible to apply.

For more detail, please refer to the Eligibility page here

Do you have funding in our area?

In general, funds will be distributed in the area in which it was generated. This is typically defined by territorial local authority (TLA) boundaries. The Directors may however at their discretion, apply and distribute funds from one TLA to another.

To see if we have a venue near you, please check here

How will we contact you if more information is required?
All communication will be by email through our online system. To ensure you do not miss any of our email updates, please ensure you have the following email addresses set up as SAFE SENDERS:


How often can I apply?

There is no limit as to how many applications an Organisation can make within a calendar year.

How much can I apply for?

There is no limit to the amount you can apply for. If the Board wishes to support your application but does not have sufficient funds, they have the ability to partially fund. 

Can I apply for salaries?

Yes you can apply for salaries; however where Grassroots Trust has not provided funding to a specific role in the past, these salary requests are not a high priority for the Directors.

Can I apply for travel and accommodation?

Yes you can apply for travel and accommodation; however these requests are not a high priority for the Directors.

Can I apply for medals and trophies?

Yes you can apply for medals and trophies; however these requests are not a high priority for the Directors.

What documents do I need to provide with my application?

You can find a full list of what is required by category in Step 2 of the Application Process here.

Below are some examples:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Affiliation letter
  3. Chair or Secretary signed Resolution
  4. Quote

What am I unable to apply for?

The following are examples of purposes that are deemed unauthorised for grant consideration. This list is not exhaustive but rather is intended as a sample. Feel free to contact a member of the Grants Team if you have any specific questions.

  • Anything intended to further the activities of professional sports persons or teams.
  • Any individual sport person unless the grant is made to and administered by an incorporated sporting body.
  • Anything related to a hotel social club.
  • Third party donor Organisations (e.g. service clubs).
  • Food and entertainment.
  • Dress uniforms.
  • Training shirts.
  • Funding for fundraising events.
  • Salaries / wages for fundraising or sponsorship staff
  • Purchase or subsidy of vehicles intended for purposes associated with social functions.
  • Stake money for any types of races.
  • Any goods or services that have already been paid prior to their approval.

Are there conditions attached to grants?

Yes, there are conditions attached to grants.

To view our conditions for Allocation of Funds, Audit and Inspection Requirements, please click here

Can I use a different supplier?

If there is a need to change suppliers, prior written approval of this change must be sought. A quote that matches the previously approved supplier’s goods or services must be provided for this request to be considered. All change requests should be emailed to

Can I allocate salary funding to another staff member?

If there is a change in staff member for a role that has been funded, prior written approval to use these funds for the new staff member must be sought. A signed employment contract and position description for the new staff member must be provided for this request to be considered. All change requests should be emailed to

Can I be reimbursed for expenses that have already been paid?

No. The Board cannot consider funding any expenses that have been paid prior to their funding approval.

Sport, not social

Social activities are not recognised as authorised purposes because they give a personal rather than community benefit. For example, a group of friends or acquaintances going on an annual ski trip are not eligible to apply.

Amateur, not professional

Professional sporting groups cannot apply as it is of a commercial nature.

What is a bona fide sporting activity?

Sometimes an activity is presented as a sporting activity, but its real nature is entertainment, social, personal gain or commercial.

The Department of Internal Affairs considers a bona fide sport to be one where the activity, club or organisation:

  • Is affiliated or aligned to a national body
  • Is genuine and real (e.g. has standards and rules)
  • Is played regularly as part of a significant competition
  • Has a President and Secretary
  • Has regular minuted meetings
  • Audited financial accounts

An incorporated organisation will usually find it easier to meet these criteria than an unincorporated group.

Can venue operators benefit from a grant?

No, venue operators cannot make any decisions or recommendations about grant applications.

Do grants include GST?

Grants are GST exclusive; however if you are not GST registered, you may apply for the full GST inclusive cost of the goods or service.

Can I use other web browsers other than Google Chrome?

No. Some aspects of the application process do not work in other web browsers which can prevent you from successfully submitting your application.

You can download Google Chrome here.

Can I use an Apple iPad to complete my online application?

 No. Some aspects of the application process do not work through an Apple iPad which can prevent you from successfully submitting your application.

Who can authorise my application?

All applications must be authorised by at least two Executive/Committee/Board members. If another member of your organisation has documented authority to apply for funding on behalf of your governing group, for example, a signed delegated authority document or a signed set of minutes, then this evidence must be uploaded to your application to support them being used as an authoriser.

How can I get back into my application?

If you leave your application before it has been submitted, you can re-enter it at anytime by using the return link that will be sent to you once you have entered your email details into your application.

Can I save the page and come back later?

You can only save the page if all questions have been completed. Each step must be completed in full before you can save and navigate to another page.  

How will I know if our application is successful?

The Grassroots Trust Limited Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each calendar month. The full grant results are uploaded to the Trust’s website by the end of the meeting day; with individual application outcome letters emailed to each Applicant within 48 hours of the meeting. To view previous grant recipients, please click here.

How will the grant be paid?

Payment will be direct credited to the recipient organisation’s bank account within one month of the application being approved.

What will our organisation have to do if we are successful?

Your organisation must obtain invoices for all goods or services, and complete full accountability within the timeframe specified in your accountability reminder email.  You will receive this reminder email 20 days prior to your accountability being due. You can find the date that you will receive this reminder in your Applicant Dashboard under Accountability Reports/Report Due. Failure to provide this documentation will result in Grassroots Trust Limited seeking a full refund of the grant. 

What documents must I provide with my accountability report?

For activity, project or operational expenses

  1. Copies of invoices addressed to your Organisation supporting the expenditure
  2. Copies of bank statements showing the name of your Organisation, the bank account number in which Grassroots Trust deposited the funds, and showing the payment/s of the invoice/s. Please ensure that all relevant payments are highlighted
  3. If you make payment by batch payment, you also need to provide a copy of your batch payment summary
  4. If you make payment via cheque, you also need to provide a copy of the cheque butt or a receipt from the supplier confirming payment

For salary/wage contributions

  1. Pay Summary Report
  2. IR Employment Information / or Summary of Employment Monthly Schedule
  3. Management Report (MYOB/Ace Payroll) / or other document that shows the breakdown of staff included in your PAYE return Please ensure that all relevant payments are highlighted
  4. Contractor invoices (if applicable)
  5. IR348/9 Employer Monthly Schedule
  6. IR345 Employer Deduction Form
  7. Bank statements and payment schedules showing all payments made Please ensure that all relevant payments are highlighted


Having trouble entering your Incorporated Societies or Charities Number?

Your Incorporated Societies Number or Organisation Name may be different than what is registered with the Societies or Trust Office. It is recommended that you copy your Organisation's Name as it listed on the register and paste it into your application. To view the register click here

If you still receive an error select 'No' to being either an Incorporated Society or Registered Charity and upload your Certificate of Incorporation or Charities Certificate to supporting documents in Step 7.

If you are a Registered Charity, please answer 'No' to being an Incorporated Society.


Will our organisation be audited?

Grassroots Trust Limited audits 10% of approved applications and may request further information and verification as to how the funds were used. If your organisation is selected to be audited, a member of the Grants Team will make contact with you.

Grassroots Trust Limited grant records will also be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). Grassroots Trust Limited is required to provide details of all grants to the DIA. All applications must be made on the understanding that, if a DIA officer requests, the applicant organisation must agree to and participate in an inspection/audit.

Do you have a paper application?
Yes. A copy of the paper application is here.
Please note that paper applications are no longer accepted as all grant applications are to be submitted online.

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